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August 24 2015


o drag king
se monta todo dia
para fazer negócio
desmonta nunca
depois de vinte anos de casamento
você não sabe com quem casou
não sabe mesmo
pode ser que na viajem para búzios
você acorde ao lado da secretária
e não curta mulheres
e aí querida você dançou
porque casou com um objeto
que gosta da companhia de outros objetos
e eles vivem todos juntinhos jogando golfe falando ao celular
e são todos objetos de fazer dinheiro
o mesmo que você vai gastar agora que acordou em búzios ao lado da secretária do objeto que um dia você achou que era o homem da sua vida
para fazer análise
uma viajem mística
criar uma drag queen hetero
torrar toda a grana do objeto e dos objetinhos
com safiras e make e roupas
afinal faz tempo que você fala sozinha mesmo
e alguma revista pode te chamar para uma entrevista
“queen hetero fala de superação”
já é alguma coisa
pensa bem
o drag king é viciado em dois naipes do baralho
mas ainda restam dois
o que não significa que você precise comer a secretária
se você não quiser

Danny Trejo: Hollywood Didn’t Want Salma Hayek In This Iconic Role

O que são alimentos diuréticos

É sempre recomendável optar pelos diuréticos naturais, e o mais importante e mais básico de todos eles é a água. Sozinhos, estes alimentos não fazem milagres, logo, quem quer emagrecer, tem de reduzir o consumo de calorias e fazer exercício físico.
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Concorrência: melhoria ou concorrência desleal?

Nos últimos dias, aplicativos como Uber e WhatsApp estão em meio a polêmicas por estarem enfrentando ambientes de monopólio (táxis) e oligopólio (telefonia). As empresas do ramo da telefonia querem que as ligações do WhatsApp (de baixa qualidade pela demora entre uma pessoa falar e a outra receber) sejam regulamentadas, pois elas afirmam que o aplicativo utiliza o número de telefone para fazer a ligação...continue lendo.....
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Wiz Khalifa Was Handcuffed For Refusing to Get Off His Hover Board

Over the weekend, Wiz Khalifa was stopped at LAX for the intolerable crime of "taking a stand for our generation" and not wanting to dismount his IO Hawk/hover board/hand-less Segway. Whatever you want to call the technology (which has recently become the rapper ride of choice), it's ultimately pretty harmless, which makes it all the more absurd that several officers took Wiz down while repeatedly claiming that he was "resisting," even though he is basically just chilling.

It's frustrating that this happened, not least because it's yet another moment where someone is incapable of actually resisting unfair treatment by law enforcement for doing nothing. LAX's response is generic and does nothing to suggest that Wiz's hover board could have been a threat to anyone, which is especially suspicious when you consider that, apparently, they're not banned for everyone.

For more, we turn to the trailer for the upcoming season of Empire, in which Hakeem is seen riding around on his very own IO Hawk. Does this mean that at some point, the "Drip Drop" star will have his own airport altercation? Only time and Twitter will tell.


Inside One of Ptown's Coolest Stores, MAP

Jewelry display at MAP on 220 Commercial St

When visitors rave about Provincetown boutique MAP it usually comes off as a backhanded compliment: "Sure I'd expect to see a store like this New York, or LA, but I'm surprised it's in Provincetown!" Chalk up the store's 20-year success to owner Pauline Fisher who oversees the selection of goods, which includes Levi's denim, David Shrigley prints and greeting cards, Diptyque candles, cool sunglasses, jewelry, and much more. We had the chance to talk to Fisher about her buying process, her customers and Provincetown.

How would you describe your store to someone visiting for the first time?

It's a curated mix of clothing, jewelry, books, accessories, and items that I feel are inspiring of the moment. The underlying theme changes every year -- this year felt like we were inspired by the new nomads, people who travel a lot, either for pleasure or work, who buy great quality, items that can work anywhere and translate to style globally.

What are some of the most memorable customer experiences you've had?

National treasures John Waters and Michael Cunningham's daily visits make our day in the summer, plus ['70s punk rock luminary] Danny Fields visiting and sitting at the counter telling us the best rock and roll stories ever.

MAP_4.jpegWhat's unique about being a store in Provincetown

We get the most creative and style-savvy customer at MAP, a customer that keeps us motivated to feature items that will surprise them that they've found them at land's end.

MAP, 220 Commercial Street Provincetown. Ma 02657, 508-487-4900

For more on Provincetown, check out PAPERMAG.com/ptown
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Scenes from the Afropunk Fancy Dress Ball

AFROPUNK Festival returned to Brooklyn this weekend and this year a new event was added to the much-anticipated line-up: a Friday night Fancy Dress ball, held at the festival grounds inside Commodore Barry Park and headlined by fest star Grace Jones with other performances by Cakes da Killa, Mike Q and Bill Coleman. The party raised funds for the AFROPUNK Global Initiative, which, according to the site "dedicates itself to the promotion of diversity in media and the arts in addition to volunteer service." Much like the festival itself, the party's guests did not skimp on the A++ outfits and our photographer, Rebecca Smeyne, spotted everything from "funerary chic" looks to fantastic headwear (think: turbans, headwraps, giant bows and more) and feathers, flowers, and eye-catching prints galore. Take a peek at photos from the night, below.

Grace Jones

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