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July 25 2014

Tecnocast 004 – Blogs brasileiros de tecnologia só copiam e colam?
Metamason: Revolutionizing CPAP Masks With 3D Scanning and 3D Printing

Berlin – Huma Bhabha at Veneklasen Werner Through July 26th, 2014

Huma Bhabha, Untitled (2013 ), all images courtesy VeneKlasen/Werner On view at VeneKlasen/Werner Berlin is a group of new works by Pakistan-born artist Huma Bhabha, marking her first solo exhibition in Berlin. The sculptures and collage drawings, which were created in 2013 while Bhabha was working as a resident artist at The American Academy in [...]
One Trillion Bq Released By Nuclear Debris Removal At Fukushima So Far
SDCC Flash: Tomenosuke + Circus Posterus Pocket Sideshow Protos
Parece que dessa vez o Google comprou o Twitch
Man Booted From Southwest Flight and Threatened With Arrest After Critical Tweet
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Matthew McConaughey, Christopher Nolan Make a Surprise Appearance at Comic-Con

July 24 2014


Impressive Art Collection Lies Scattered Across Lincoln Center

According to a recent article in the Wall Street Journal, Lincoln Center is home not only to world-renowned institutions of the performing arts but also an impressive collection of modern art, including pieces by Alexander Calder, Jasper Johns, and Henry Moore. The article details locations of several works from the 41-piece collection, which lies scattered [...]
Lawrence Krauss: Congress Is Trying To Defund Scientists At Energy Department

French Art Center The Maeght Foundation Falls on Hard Times

 The Economist reports that the Maeght Foundation, home to 12,000 works of art, including pieces by Georges Braques, Joan Mirò, and Alexander Calder, is struggling to make ends meet after fifty years. In hopes of attracting revenue, the Foundation plans to build a new wing while Olivier Kaeppelin, the Foundation’s director, wants to create an addition [...]

'Hot Tub Time Machine 2' Trailer Is The Funniest Thing On LouNet

"Four years ago, these best friends discovered a hot-tub time machine." So says the narrator at the start of the "Hot Tub Time Machine 2" red-band trailer, which Paramount debuted at Comic-Con on Thursday. No John Cusack this time around -- Adam Scott, briefly glimpsed here, seems to have taken his slot -- but that just means more laughs for Rob Corddry, Craig Robinson and Clark Duke. This NSFW trailer is a riot. People who like funny things should watch it below. "Hot Tub Time Machine 2" comes out on Christmas Day.

"Magic Helmet" For F-35 Ready For Delivery

Remembering My Friend, Elaine Stritch

I met Elaine Stritch about 70 years ago. She was 19. We had gotten roles in the new Broadway production Woman Bites Dog; she played my girlfriend. During rehearsals I was shocked when they fired her. She was very talented and I liked her. Even then, she had a unique personality and that distinctive voice which she used all through her career. She became a big stage star. Then, as she got older she became a one-person performer who won a Tony Award, was the star of a documentary about her life and up until recently performed in cabarets. She was fantastic and larger than life. I always saw her when I went to New York. She lived in style at the Carlyle Hotel.

Then I got a note from her. She was retiring, she said, after so many years as an entertainer, to be near her family in Michigan. I wrote back to tell her that when I went east again I would stop in Michigan and we could lie to each other about how great we are. I didn't get there, but I did call her one Sunday last year to check in. She was very excited and we had fun talking about old times.

Last week, she died. Her death was reported on the front page of The New York Times. Inside she got an entire page with photographs of her in action. They dimmed the lights on all of the Broadway theatres --an honor reserved only for the great ones.

Why do I tell you all this? It is the curse of longevity. You lose so many of your friends. Of course you are left with pleasant memories, but that's not enough. I am beginning to number all the friends I have lost -- Jack Valenti, Frank Sinatra, Ray Stark, Tony Curtis, Burt Lancaster, Laurence Olivier.

Elaine Stritch was the latest. She had such a wonderful sense of humor. I will always remember the imitation she did of me from the stage -- she used all her teeth. The audience loved that. I'm sorry I didn't get a chance to laugh with her one more time.

Which is an important lesson for me, even at the age of 97. Keep in touch with those you care about, no matter how much distance and time separates you. Share a laugh. Share a heartbreak. Share life while you can.

What impressed me most about Elaine Stritch, my friend, was how she handled the sad moments in her life. Now, I have to handle a sad moment alone -- Elaine is gone.
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Weird Al: Hitting Number 1 Doesn’t Change Plan to Stop Making Albums
Western US States Using Up Ground Water At an Alarming Rate

Art Market Trends Suggests Secure Profit Lies in Big Spending

A recent Bloomberg article features an examination of the direct correlation between value appreciation and the price of pieces at auction. By studying the auction sales of the top ten artists over the past ten and twenty years, the article suggests that, in the ever-shifting art market, the safest way to ensure a profit is to [...]
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Check Out the Newest Picture of Ben Affleck As Batman
Chips RRAM poderão fazer smartphones terem 1 TB ou mais para armazenar dados

See Another Photo Of Ben Affleck In 'Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice'

To celebrate the start of San Diego Comic-Con as well as the 75th anniversary of Batman, "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice" director Zack Snyder released a new photo of Ben Affleck in costume as the Caped Crusader. This is what that photo looks like:

As Variety notes, the new Batman photo is part of a larger mosaic of pictures that DC Comics put together for Comic-Con. "The filmmakers wanted to include this new cinematic version of the Dark Knight in the anniversary mosaic so it could be discovered by fans!" read a blog post on DCComics.com. "The cast and crew behind 'Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice' are excited to be a part of the 75th celebration!"

Warner Bros. will release "Batman v Superman" on May 6, 2016. The film is not scheduled to appear at Comic-Con during the Warner Bros. panel on Saturday, but don't be surprised if it winds up being an unexpected inclusion in the festivities.
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