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August 23 2014


Bombing suspect seeks case dismissal

Bombing suspect seeks case dismissal


Lawyers for marathon bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev said the makeup of the state's jury pool constitutes a violation of federal law.Two groups notably underrepresented

Cop seen in CNN report suspended

Cop seen in CNN report suspended


The officer, who pushed a reporter amid protests in Ferguson, was put on leave after a jarring video from earlier this year surfaced.Explosive words that got him trouble
Virtual Machine Brings X86 Linux Apps To ARMv7 Devices

New York-”Hy-Fi” by The Living for the Young Architects Program at MoMA PS1 Through September 6th, 2014

The Living, Hy-Fi (2014), all photos by Kelly Lee for Art Observed The 15th annual The Young Architects Program (YAP) has taken rise at MoMA and MoMA PS1, continuing the program’s reputation for innovative ideas that challenge the presentation and purpose of architectural structures for future environments, while embracing and promoting sustainable construction practices. The 2014 YAP [...]
Mudanças no Secret: mensagens com nomes reais e fotos guardadas no smartphone serão bloqueadas
"MythBusters" Drops Kari Byron, Grant Imahara, Tory Belleci

Now Online | T Women’s Fall Fashion Issue

In our fall women's fashion issue, T celebrates the quiet rebels leading the way in fashion and the culture at large.

August 22 2014

Google Wants To Test Driverless Cars In a Simulation
The Best, Worst and Weirdest of the Week

Chic in Review | Agyness Deyn’s Return to Fashion, Tickets to Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show and Gisele’s Yearly Income

Plus, Lauren Bacall's legacy, Kate Moss's birthday flute and more from the week in style.
Illinois University Restricts Access To Social Media, Online Political Content
Mini documentário discute se robôs tornarão a humanidade obsoleta para trabalhar

Who will win at the 2014 Emmy Awards?

Who will win
at the 2014
Emmy Awards?


Most expect Bryan Cranston will take home the award for Lead Actor in a Drama series -- but some entertainment gurus aren't so sure.Actor poised to upset Cranston
OpenSignal: mercado já conta com quase 19 mil dispositivos Android diferentes

Robert Rodriguez's Inspiring Speech Will Make You Proud To Be American

When director Robert Rodriguez’s older sister when to New York to pursue an acting career, she sent back saddening news. As a Hispanic, she was having trouble finding work. To fit in, she changed her name.

“I remember being really upset by that,” Rodriguez said in a speech before the San Antonio Association of Hispanic Journalists this month, fighting back tears. “Not upset with my sister, but upset about an industry where you would be denied work because of your name. And I was very determined from that day forward to change that. I’m not going to change my name.”

In an emotional acceptance speech for the SAAHJ’s Corazón de Oro award delivered on Aug. 8, Rodriguez looked back on his efforts to make Hollywood more representative of Hispanics, who make up 16 percent of the U.S. population, but rarely appear in prominent roles in television and film. The SAAHJ uploaded a video of the speech to YouTube this week.

After the initial success of “El Mariachi,” the director said he wanted to follow it up with a similar film, which would become “Desperado.” But though he is now an established director, he couldn’t find the actors he wanted.

“I was shocked to find there were just no Latinos working in Hollywood,” Rodriguez said. “I mean there were just none. So I realized I had to create my own star system. Because anything I was going to write was going to have a Hispanic in it, because you write in your own image.”

The strategy worked. The 1995 film helped propel the careers of several prominent actors, some of whom had yet to crossover into the American market.

“I found Salma [Hayek] in Mexico,” Rodriguez said. “I brought Antonio [Banderas] from Spain. Danny Trejo -- I just put him in every movie until he became a star. I brought back Cheech Marin, he hadn’t done anything in a while.”

Latinos remain underrepresented in Hollywood. Only 4.9 percent of characters in top-grossing films from 2007 to 2013 were Hispanic, according to a study published this month by the University of Southern California’s Annenberg School of Communication and Journalism.

But Rodriguez says he’s seen progress. There are far more prominent Latino actors than when he started his career, he says. At El Rey, the television network he now owns, some 60 percent of the crew -- both in front of and behind the camera -- are Hispanic.

And recently, when offering a role to an actor who asked if he should change his name from Hernandez, Rodriguez gave him a major incentive not to.

“I’m actually not going to hire you if you change your name,” Rodriguez says he told him. “It’s reversed now. You will not get work now if you change your name, because we need you. I mean, how many Hernandezes are there in this world? Think about it. Now, how many can you name, off the top of your head, give me two that are in the popular culture, that you can name that are actors or filmmakers? … But if you go and you become famous, it’s going to tell all the other Hernandezes that they can be there too.”

Watch the speech, which starts around 9:10, in the video above.

H/T: News Taco.
Ask Slashdot: Where Can I Find Good Replacement Batteries?

Victoria Justice On Dealing With Cyberbullying, Fashion Inspiration And Her Advice To Teens

Victoria Justice is probably known best for her role in "Victorious" as an aspiring singer who's accepted into the Hollywood Arts High School. Though the popular Nickelodeon show finished it's run last year, the actress-singer has returned to the classroom, playing a bullied teen who fights back in the upcoming film, "The Outskirts."

In an interview with HuffPost Teen, Victoria opened up about her new role (including her personal experiences with cyberbullying), the singers who inspire her and what's next on the horizon.

In addition to being an actress, you're also proven yourself as a singer -- especially through your character on "Victorious." Do you have any role models or people who inspire you in the industry?

There are so many people that inspire me, but I especially admire great singers and songwriters. When I hear a song that tells a great story and has great lyrics that can make you see it and feel it, I'm impressed. One example of that is Sara Bareilles' song, "Manhattan." You can tell it was a very painful breakup for her, but her lyrics were so honest and beautiful that it blew me away. Don't get me wrong -- I love a great pop song also, but those that can tell a story like that are my inspirations.

You released two singles last year, "Gold" and "Shake." Do you have any other musical projects on the horizon?

I just very recently got out of my record deal with my label and I'm currently focusing on acting. Music is a huge part of who I am and I'm trying to figure out how I can do both and give them each the time that they deserve.

You're working with Jet Blue's CSR Program, "Soar With Reading." Could you tell us a little bit about it and how you got involved?

I was approached by Jet Blue to get involved in this program. I knew it was something that I would endorse because I am all about literacy and I am thrilled to help inspire kids to read this summer and beyond. My mom would always take my sister and I to the library and bookstores all throughout my childhood. She instilled a love for reading in me that is with me to this day. Soar with Reading is a program which is focused on inspiring and sharing the gift of reading, starting at the grade school level. The program places age-appropriate books in the hands of kids in underserved communities.

Jet Blue is taking reading on the road and to the skies with a nationwide tour to celebrate the program. We are so close to reaching our goals ($500,000 worth of Magic Treehouse books to kids in need). No money is needed. It is as simple as clicking on this link, making a guess and submitting. With each guess JetBlue will donate a book. It's that simple.

Speaking of reading, which books have been on your summer reading list? Read anything good recently?

I am currently reading Tina Fey's autobiography (which I've almost finished) and next on my list is "The Alchemist." I'm also always reading scripts to decide on my next project.

Photos from your upcoming movie "Outskirts" are all over your Twitter. What was it like for you to play someone who was bullied in high school? Were you able to channel pieces from your own high school experience or was it a completely new role for you?

It's a role that I think is important for the fans to see me in. I am a very relatable character. I wear almost no makeup and my hair is very different and I'm definitely not part of the cool crowd. I worked with a great group of people and I'm proud to bring it to life. I can't wait for you guys to see it. I think teens are going to love it!

As for my personal high school experience, it was different than most teens, because I didn't go to a physical school for long. I was tutored on set while I was doing my show, so because of that I had a very different experience than other people. I do deal with cyberbullying online to a large extent because I put myself out there on social media. The demographic I deal with is younger and they are easily influenced by things that aren't necessarily true. They also hide behind anonymity and find it a lot easier to say things online than they would never say to your face. Unfortunately, it's become part of our culture. There need to be stricter guidelines online and awareness brought to this issue, because it is not OK. The same way that we have no tolerance in schools for bullying; that's the same policy we should adopt online.

We love looking through your Instagram for outfit inspiration. How would you describe your personal style?

Thank you for the compliment. I would describe my personal style as eclectic. Sometimes I feel edgy, sometimes I feel like I want to wear a bright, bold beautiful color. I love color and clothes that have interesting details and fabrics. I love clothes that are different. Fashion is fun and a great way to express yourself or how you are feeling. I love cool and different accessories (hats, purses, glasses, scarves, etc.). They can really make an outfit.

Being a teenager in today's world, it feels like there's a lot of pressure to look a certain way. What advice would you give to teens struggling with confidence issues?

What really matters is what's on the inside. Focus on something that you have a passion for and hone that skill, it will make you feel confident about your ability. Read and be aware of what's going on in the world, so you have things to contribute to conversations. Surround yourself with people who really care about you and have your back. If someone doesn't treat you the way you want to be treated, move on.

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