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November 01 2014


Java SE Development Kit (JDK) 8 Update 25 / 9 Build 37 Early Access (Freeware)

The basic resources you need in order to create apps in Java

Thinknowlogy 2014 Release 2 (GPL)

Are computers capable of thought?

AWS SDK for Android 2.1.4 (Apache License 2.0)

Create Android applications with the help of this library

Java JRE 8 Update 25 / 9 Build 37 Early Access (Freeware)

A runtime environment allows end-users to run Java applications and to enjoy the functions it brings to their computers and laptops
Tao3D: a New Open-Source Programming Language For Real-Time 3D Animations

TVMOBiLi (Trial)

A simple to use and practical tool that enables you to bring together and share multimedia content through multiple multimedia devices

Portable Voralent Antelope (Freeware)

This user-friendly and effective application can be used for image optimization operations, aimed at people who store a lot of space-consuming pictures

Tor Browser 4.0.1 (Freeware)

A familiar web browser carefully adjusted to allow you to safely visit your favorite pages while also keeping your identity hidden

Voralent Antelope (Freeware)

A simple and intuitive application which you can use to optimize your favorite pictures, enabling them to occupy less space without sacrificing their quality

IconUtils 5.39 (Trial)

Let your imagination embody in an icon format

VisualGDB 4.2 R4 (Trial)

Visual Studio extension that seamlessly integrates GCC, GDB and GNU Make.

Dev-C++ Portable 5.8.1 (GPLv3)

Integrated Development Environment for C/C++

SmarterStats Free Edition 9.3.5409 (Freeware)

Intuitive application that helps you analyze website performance and page load times with the aid of separate bot and spider detection and detailed reports
Khrushchev's 1959 Visit To IBM

Megatools 1.9.93 (GPL)

Upload and download files from Mega.co.nz.

Inventory Manager (Demo)

A straightforward and efficient software application designed to help you quickly setup a database of items, which can be checked in or out by scanning their barcode

Universal Media Server 4.2.1 / 5.0.0-a1 (GPL)

A highly configurable media server that supports devices which have received the Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA) certification

DownloadStudio (Trial)

Ultra-fast download manager that works with all popular web browsers

IDrive Classic (Freeware)

A user-friendly and powerful program that offers support for a fully-featured pack of tools for helping you automatically back up, restore, and share your data
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